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Invest in the future of blockchain games

Out now, the first Play2Earn game on App Store

Your opportunity to Play Earn Invest

Monthly Game Rewards

Hummus and Dragons
Step 2: Earn
Collect your monthly target of 'Hummus', become a Top High Score player or simply finish the game to earn FALAFEL coin for free. You can also watch video Ads to top up your rewards balance.
Step 3: Receive rewards
By the end of every month, we will allocate a big chunk of our marketing wallet towards game rewards. We will distribute rewards to players from the previous step. Your rewards will come to you in the form of 'Golden Hummus', then you will be free to exchange them for real FALAFEL tokens inside the game using the Falafel Maker tool.

Next Game Rewards distribution starts in . .


Falafel Coin in the News..

What's the big deal about it?

Falafel is not just a fun little rewarding token, but a futuristic indie blockchain video game company that will allow you to mine the token while playing! Yes, earn while you play 🙂

How to buy Falafel?


8% overall tax on all transactions


1000 Trillion Falafel Tokens

Token Burn

0.1% of tokens burned in every transaction

(decreasing supply number immediately

instead of sending to a burn wallet)

Rewards & Donations

3% of each new transaction is distributed to all holders.
4.9% is sent to our marketing wallet for:
- Shared pool of rewards to player.
- Marketing and Liquidity Support.


8% Allocated to the team for marketing and utility development

(This is allocated from supply during launch - dev wallet)


Let’s start the journey

Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 3


Timeline - 2022


Passive Income

Our reward system will insure that your Falafel balance is increased by just holding it in your wallet.
A 3% is deducted from every new transaction and distributed to all Falafel holders.

token burns

A 0.1% burn rate is set for every transaction to reduce the overall supply and increase the scarcity of the token, each new HODLer will make the token more valuable. The burn function will decrease the overall supply number immediately without the need of sending tokens to a burn wallet, this will insure accuracy especially when listed in price tracker websites.


Published through an IDO to ensure a Fair Launch and equal opportunity to all contributors. We only kept 8% of total supply in our team wallet to fund the marketing campaigns and utility development.

Charity Contribution

We will allocate amounts for charities to support the injured and displaced people in the Middle East. The amount will be taken from our marketing wallet to charities. We will send that periodically and share the news to the public.

Frequently asked questions

Well, we are giving an investment opportunity for everyone while our team is building up the use case, which we believe will incredibly boost this project and the token value at the time we start releasing video games.

This is where most of other tokens are missing, as they only copy/paste other coin Tokenomics without working on the long-term use case, which without it, the token will be deemed to fail and lose all the hype and value.

We’ve seen this in Tokenomics of other tokens; However, after experimenting with it for some time, we have discovered that it has more cons than pros, it might slightly inflate the token since we will be adding liquidity to one side only as opposed to the whole pair, this is not effective especially when two people send transactions to each other, then Liquidity fees will go to the token only and make it weaker against the paired one.

Not to mention that with this trick, the pool will generate LP tokens to the owners that will give them power to rug pull in anytime in the future, we are totally trying to avoid such tricks.

An example:

Someone sells 100 FALAFELs

10 deducted for this liquidity tax

5 converted to BNB, and the other 5 remains as FALAFEL

(This is done because you need a pair to put back this into liquidity pool)

But wait..how are we converting FALAFEL to BNB? We are using the BNB from the same BNB pool! We are not getting it from outside..it is taken from our pool..so what’s the point? Not just that, we are also paying extra transaction fees for this conversion to happen, and we are increasing FALAFEL technically, just the one side of the pair.

The tax is back as more FALAFEL against the BNB, that’s the end result for such “Automatic LP” or “Liquidity Tax”.

In summary:

We are taking BNB from the pool and putting it back..and we are paying extra fees to achieve nothing! But actually increasing FALAFEL against BNB.

That’s why I said, it looks good..but when you understand it deeply..it’s pointless and it’s actually more harmful than being just pointless. Any other type of tax will do the work more efficiently.


We will use a percentage from our marketing wallet pair it with the external Ad revenue from our games, and add it into our pool.

Other options will be utilised, such as upcoming games in-app purchases revenue, staking pools and any potential grants or crowdfunding the project could have.

As we are thinking long-term, we want to be able to hear from holders, and make Tokenomics changes upon their feedback, we want to grow together and we would like you to be able to participate in the token growth by providing your suggestions and feedback. This is also important as we are in the process of building the token use case and we might change some features in the future once our main products are released (e.g change or remove the burn rate at some point if you think it’s necessary after releasing the main product).

We also think that it’s one of the tricks that other token uses to only get a quick buck out of holders, then either run away from the project or rug pull, this is kind of a cheap way to make holders feel safe and it does not make sense if you would like to see real growth and use-case in the future, there’s also a potential ‘back door’ that can be used by owners even after renouncing ownership (check this post on  reddit). In other words, renouncing ownership can be FAKED by using smart contract features (such as Timelock), which gives back ownership after a certain amount of time (days, months..etc) without anyone noticing it.

You might have already guessed it from the charity that we are from the Middle East. Unfortunately, in our home country, Crypto is not tolerated as the government does not like the fact that Crypto is a powerful tool and becoming so popular these days. But who cares! Since it’s decentralized, then let’s leave it like that! Let the people take control of it and let us show them that it’s the new reality that they can not withdraw from our hands. I’m sure that we will declare our identity as a team once we are in a better position to reveal it. I think that the Crypto community is clever enough to know that showing faces won’t protect you from being scammed in this industry, hence this won’t add anything at the moment, being communicative with the community is much more important, this is why we dedicated ourselves to answer any questions you may have and we are here to respond, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

BSC Contract address:


It’s the only one, beware of fakes and non-related contracts on BSC.

It’s only available on Binance Smart Chain Netwrok (BSC Network).

You can buy our token on PancakeSwap.

Here’s a helpful video tutorial on how you can purchase it:

Falafel Coin is a product of Spiral Entertainment Ltd.

This is the team behind this project.

This is how it all begun, watch this video.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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